All Star Car Wash

NOW OFFERING:  Buy a 3 Pack of Quality Car Washes for $10.00

 Wash & Towel Dry $3.95!  Includes: Pre-Wash By Attendant, Soft Foam Wash, Towel Dry & Touch Up.


 Monday-Friday.  Inside & Out $12.95.

 Includes a 5 Day Rewash. Return With ANY Car!



Thanks for choosing All Star Car Wash. Management experience coupled with utilizing the finest computer controlled car wash equipment available will assure you receive a high quality wash consistently.

As you know, the prices of new and reconditioned vehicles continue to increase. Having your car washed professionally will help protect your investment. With the paint being less than five thousandths (.005) of an inch thick, preserving the painted finish from salt, acid rain, bugs, hot sun, tree sap, and other harsh elements is imperative.

Our staff has been trained on the importance of recognizing the many different shapes and sizes of vehicles. We will give special attention to assure a clean and safe wash. For example, with our employees we can visually identify between the type of tire, wire wheels, and chrome and program the equipment accordingly.


We pre-treat every vehicle prior to entry of our soft wash tunnel.

Every vehicle receives a custom towel dry & touch up. p>

All Star Advantage

Staffed to assist in loading your vehicle correctly, thus avoiding wheel damage.

Staffed to program safety inputs for your particular vehicle.

Staffed to prep your vehicle based on soil conditions.

Staffed to towel dry and touch up your vehicle.

It's Safe! Our New Age FOAM WASH MATERIAL assures safety and superior results.

It's Professional! Our staff keeps our equipment "tuned" and maintained
so you receive a great car wash every time!

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